Specializing in Executive Coaching and Peer Group Processing.

Susie is passionate to help clients be the best they can be, by working side-by-side with them to achieve their goals. She is highly skilled to bring out, from deep within the client, more productive leadership, greater success, and an increased quality of life. As an Executive Coach, Susie expects peak performance from her clients and herself.

Coaching provides a safe space for change. Intentional thought is at the core of positive, productive transformation. In order to move forward, her clients are able to express themselves in a trusted environment to obtain the necessary components for higher performance and better relationships.

Qualified to work with C-level Executives, Trusted Advisors and Small Business Owners, she helps her clients find balance, become better leaders and have a more fulfilling life. Susie focuses not on her agenda, but the client’s success. She is committed to breaking down barriers, helping a client set high goals and strategizing the steps that will take those she works with beyond what they thought possible. Executive Coach Susie Young-Tatum believes in possibilities.

Whether during one-on-one coaching, peer group facilitating, or workshops, Susie dedicates to serving her client through intuitive insight and years of experience, for effective change, personal growth and development on an unique individual basis.

“Susie Young-Tatum is a truly extraordinary Coach who is masterful at asking the kinds of powerful questions that lead to phenomenal transformation if you are open and willing to do the hard work! I am speaking from experience and am so thankful that she is such a huge blessing in my life! Thank you is totally inadequate...but thank you Susie! Call her---you won't be disappointed!”

- L.G.

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